Integration platform and calculation

I have many pzem devices. These device mesure power consumpsion. I parametred espHome to have twice mesures per minutes (every 30 sec).
For information I will have the watter heater, the Tesla and the spa as pzem devices.
I would like to have integration per day and per month for knowing the consumpsion.

I don’t understand how the integration platform work. Is the result dependant of the frequency of acquisition (fomr me 30 sec) How can I adjust result ?

And, how can I display the history in term of days and in term of months (examples)?

Many thanks for your help and best regards

No. It will take that into account when performing the calculation. It is important to select the correct method of integration though. See this post: Power consumed per day - #84 by petro

Once you have your energy sensor obtained by integrating the power measurements, use the energy sensor in utility meters to give you hourly/daily/monthly use.

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