Integration problems with neato botvac (solved)


I tried to get my botvac up and running and encoutered a problem.

Followed the steps and got a few error messages and then i decided to redo the app in the neato developer network, getting new id and all, wich caused my current problem:

As soon as i try to add the neato integration it opens the external webpage. Seems like i can’t change the configuration to point towards my new “app” and change the “client ID” and “Secret”

Have done some googleling around and came up with nothing, checked all my files to find where it stored the data so i could remove it and found nothing and tried to find any logs on the problem but there is nothing.

Im at a loss here.

Solved, leaving the post up. It might help someone else:
So i finally found how to remove it and it was way easier then i thought.
In configuration → units and services → Integrations tab. Click on the three dots and delete the keys