Integration Solar inverter huawei 2000L

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Have you had any luck with this?
I’d also like to try and get data directly from the Power Meter, see if I can get higher polling frequency.

Hi is it possible to export energy when the electricity price is over a certain price per kWh, and otherwise restrict the inverter so it only covers your household needs. I know this can be done directly in the inverter, (grid feed-in power) i have done that many times, but it would be much easier if it could be done in Home assistant? Anyone tried this or have a solution for it?

I got it sorted

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I am learning and your solution looks really interesting to me. Any guidance would be welcomed


I want to install additional solar panels on my shed. I Already have panels on my main roof with an SMA inverter. My panel supplier told me it might be interesting to choose for a hybrid Huawei inverter now as I could then easily add batteries to it.

Although this sounds like a good future proof idea, I’m a bit concerned about the necessity of the Huawei power meter. This meter should be installed on the main electricity line but I can’t do that as my inverter is in my shed an I can’t pull any new cables between shed & home. Is this meter really required? There is an ethernet connection though, but the power meter & the inverter only seem to communicate over RS485.

Do I have full self control (through this integration) how and when I want to charge / discharge the battery without this Huawei power meter? I already have my own energy management system running (reading meter values through P1 port / DSMR) so this meter doesn’t make a lot of sense (for me), but I’m not entirely sure over the level of self control I have with this inverter without the power meter installed.

TLDR: Do I have full self control (through this integration) how and when I want to charge / discharge the battery without the Huawei power meter?

Hi …
Can you explain me step by step…
I see you make some changes in YAML configuration
But the 1 sensors … I don’t understand whare you make that changes…
Thanks I’m beginner with that

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to 1.4.1, and I can see that none of the entities for my battery update anymore, unless I reload the automation. I’ve also noticed that I seem to have an extra device now (maybe it’s been there for some time, but I hadn’t noticed it until now), there used to be only 3 (battery, inverter and power meter), but now the integration is showing 4 (batteries, battery 1, inverter and power meter). Has anyone else noticed this? I’ve tried redownloading an older version (1.4.0). Kinda buggering up all my solar automations now…

‘Batteries’ is a new device/entity that was added in v1.4. This is for if you have multiple batteries as it publishes the sum total of discharge/charge, bus, voltage etc for all the batteries combined. This is a change that was flagged back in the v1.4.0Alpha releases.

You might also want to keep on eye on this issue that has been created (but its actually a Huawei issue/bug to fix, not WCLRS) - [Bug]: Error between Battery and Batteries Charge/Discharge Power sensor values · Issue #720 · wlcrs/huawei_solar · GitHub

Re new sensors, there is a new one for the individual battery called ‘Battery 1 Remaining charge/discharge time’ (sensor.battery_1_none_2) just wondering if your seeing this sensor report anything, or it also remains on ‘0 min’ like the one I have?

Thanks for letting me know, must have missed that in the release notes back in 1.4.0 alpha.

As soon as I noticed the issue, I rolled back my HA to the last back up I had (I did try rolling back the integration, but the double batteries devices were still present), so right now I can’t say if there was a difference between the batteries state of charge, and the battery state of charge entities (and how they reported values), but I could definitely see that the battery state of charge entity, seemed to belong to the new batteries device, and all entities under the batteries device were not updating.

So for now, I don’t really want to update the integration until I know that I can have a battery device, where the entities update reliably, as I have many automations dependent on the battery.

Hi all,
I’ve searched but not found how it’s possible calculate at the moment and get this values:

From the PV the sensor is: sensor.inverter_active_power, but for “to grid”, “house” not found the values.
The idea, is for doesn’t use anymore the app and have this values on HA.

Anyone have find this values?
Thank you

I’ve posted above how to get those values
it’s in configuration.yaml and also tiles

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