[integration:tado] Go back to normal mode after some time after setting the temperature to a manual value

New feature:
As in the tado App, setting the temperature manually in the HA climate control of a tado thermostat to a given temperature value would set that value only until the next programed change. This could be edited in one click to keep the value forever instead, or for a certain amount of time.

My thermostat is programmed to heat at 16°C until 17:00 because usually I’m at work, and then from 17:00 at 19°C. However today I’m teleworking. Setting it to 21°C will keep the value forever in the current system, and I will definitely forget to put it back to the normal temperature at 17:00. Instead, as it is done in the tado app, it will go back to the next programmed value at 17:00 by default. But after changeing the value, a slider would appear below the thermostat frontend set at 17:00 by default, going to forever if slided to the far right, or current time on the left.

The only reason I still use the Tado app to change my heating system is that it enables that. Probably as a lot of people in areas where the energy prices exploded, I often reduce the temperature of my thermostats while I’m away a bit, but forget to set it back up before coming back. Or in some rooms I lowered the default temperature, and I’d like to boost it up a bit for a few hours. And I’d forget to put it back to auto, which is very bad those times…