Integration with 3rd party system

Hello everybody,

i have already a setup HA in my home running as virtual in Proxmox with BT, Zigbee.
Now i need to setup a new home and i am wondering, if there is a 3rd party system, capable of BT, Zigbee, ZWave with simple controls and automations, which later i can connect to HA.

Long story short: lot of nice features are running with HA, but without me, the system cannot survive

I want to find a gateway (maybe [Riadiaca jednotka - Gateway SMART HOME by hornbach - HORNBACH](https://Hornbach Smart Home GateWay) ?) which can support variety of devices:

  • IKEA/Philips/Tuya for Zigbee lights/buttons/sensors
  • ZWave blind controls, maybe some other sensors
  • (optional) Shelly sockets/PowerMeter

This gateway would be independent from HA and even somebody without me can operate it - similar process like on Hue GW; but MOST IMPORTANTLY should have an integration to HA for complex automations (GPS in phone, car, advanced light scenarios,…)

Is there such GW on market?