Integration with Ademco Contact ID

My alarm system has as IP interface that can send Ademco Contact ID over IP traffic.
It is possible to integrate in HA?


This may help

You can use TCP Sensor component to pull data into HA.
I think TCP switch also exist so that you may use to send action

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Anybody was able to make this work? It seems that the protocol foresees an answer from server side to establish a connection but I do not understand what answer is required

I never use this

I replace ademco with RasPi with all contacts to gpio. I get power supply that power RasPi and Motion detector. I change fire to zwave devices

I guess this is possible only for wired alarm systems, I do not think it is feasible for alarms with wireless sensors, right?


In this case I may try what was mentioned in first link and use Alarm output relays to trigger RasPi GPIO.

My current home used wireless alarm sensors.
I just added interior zwave motions and zwave door locks…it was much easier than trying to make there other stuff work.

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