Integration with Haier HoN app

Hello, i bougth a new air conditioner from haier, and it have an app called Hon, but no integrations in home assistant.

Has anyone managed to integrate it?

Thanks from Spain

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I have also a wine fridge from Haier with HoN app.
It should be great to have it integrated.

I can make tests if required.


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Same here - Airconditioner with HON app - Workaround for now is HA > Google Asstant Commands > HON connection with Assitant - would be great to have a direct connection to HON

I also want this in home assistant!

But with this you can’t send from home assistant to hon?

Any idea on Integration?

how did you do?

I try install custom component google home but no device found…


I decided to do some research on the hOn app. I’ve recreated the calls that can perform actions like:

  • set temperature
  • set heat / cool mode

Currently it’s only a simple PHP file, for debugging and testing. Maybe someone can use it to create a python version of it for HA integration?

Here you can find the code:


Anybody got that working ? :slight_smile:

I am working in Rest integration of my oven here:

I have created a first version of a HA component supporting hOn.
You can test: GitHub - gvigroux/hon

I’ve implemented the climate platform (tested on a Haier appliance)


Wow is now finally also airco with hon working?
That will be great!
How to put it in home assistant?

Thanks for your hon haier integration !!

I tested with 4 haier air conditioner units. It works correctly, the comunication with the units its fast, and HA control the termostat temperature and receives the unit room temperature.

The turn-on option does not work in any of my appliances. The units beeps when I try to turn on, but nothing happens… The Turn-off works correctly… I don’t know if it is a problem with my models.

My units is AS35TEDHRA(M1) and AS25TEDHRA(M1) in 2x1 configuration with one outdoor unit. h0n APP turn-on option works ok. Each indoor unit have “ESP32-for-haier” wifi module.

How I can solve this ?

Thanks again!

Hi, I had the same issue with no possibility to turn-on but I was able to fix that with changing just one line.
It covers only cooling mode now:

It’s too late for me today to test that more.

PS: Amazing work!

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How do you get the code in home assistant?

I added support for ovens too to @gvigroux code and sent him a PR for HACS support.

We need wait to he accepted

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You need:
download all the files from GitHub:
Create a directory ‘hon’ in custom components sub directory in your HA.
Paste all the download files here in this new directory
Restart HA.
Go to Configuration - Devices and add new integration. Search for hOn in search bar and select it
Configure the integration with your hOn username and password
Now you can see one new integration named with your email account with the entities and devices registered with hOn App. You can now add this entities in you panel

I have 3 airco units.
It looks like they work.
But i cannot turn them on. They beeps but thats it.
If unit is running i can turn it off.

Great job so far!

You can try to change one line like I already mentioned and power-on should work.
In file: line 214 (for cooling)
await self._hon.async_set(self._mac, self._typeName,self.get_command({'machMode': ClimateHvacMode.HON_HVAC_COOL}))
await self._hon.async_set(self._mac, self._typeName, self.get_command({'machMode': ClimateHvacMode.HON_HVAC_COOL, 'onOffStatus': '1'}))

Probably for other modes it should be also added:

, ‘onOffStatus’: ‘1’

You can find details here:

I don’t know Python so it’s more like hotfix and it should be implemented in better way.

i will look if i can do this!