Integration with Haier HoN app

Would be nice to see a proper API. But anyway, for those thinking what to do, there is other solution to communicate locally with ESPhome: Haier Climate — ESPHome

I have a question.

Where the “terms of service” are described?

Or what if you don’t call directly them APIs?

For example, this:

In particular, but without limitation, you are prohibited to modify, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive the source code or create derivative works

I really really wish this backfires on them somehow…

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Thank you for your support, I have heard many different opinions and will now seek legal advice.
I will try to post updates here: Project shutdown : can we help? · Issue #147 · Andre0512/hon · GitHub
At the moment I can’t say much about the extent to which I can enforce our rights here…


I dont see how this make demage to them, compare to use of hon app, you still consume bandwith on thair end, or am i missing somthing. So release local api and resolve bandwith problems if this make so much financial strain

App probably makes API calls only when it’s open while HA must poll for updates all the time.
Even if that wasn’t the case, when HA makes an API call, it does just that - it does not serve you useless ads. Or gather statistics about who-knows-what.

Haier goal is NOT making it easy and functioal for the customer. Their goal is making money. Whether they can see that they could make more money by releasing API documentation properly (like HomeConnect (Bosch, AEG) does) or at least allowing reverse engineered API to work silently (like LG ThinQ does), it’s up to them.

why is the add on from @gvigroux not marked by Haier? Or will it affect his as well?

Don’t take it down. You are not breaking the law.

Some time ago I changed update interval to 1 hour by default, and then use an automation service call ‘Update entity’ to every 30 seconds only when i’m using the Washer Dryer.

That way I reduced API call to just 24 calls per day.

I just hope they don’t change a login protocol… again.

Can anyone share his Dashboard?
I can´t get my Dashboard look like this (for example)

That’s not a dashboard that’s the device integration page. Just go in HA to Settings, Devices and choose your device.


Getting “Unable to get [id_token] during authorization process” as well. Putting the error message in a html file does nothing as it tries to redirect me to a local directory that doesn’t exist. Genuinely stumped.

I have had a similar issue, also. I do not remember the exact message, but a login was not possible. I created the debug log and there was a hint on “password change needed”.
So visited the mentioned website (i do not have it ATM, something with hon) and changed there the password to a new one.
But in the integration, it doesn’t help, so i needed to remove the device and re-add it with the user and new-password data and it works since then.

So, perhaps, you have the same thing, somewhat bad solved from haier point.

So go to the hon integration and activate the debug log den restart the hon integration and after that, stop debug logging. Now you get a txt file.
And open it with a text-editor. there should be a hint, whats the issue.


I need some help with washer/dryer…
I do not know od my washer/dryer is supported HWD90-B14959U1EE?
If it is supported which hon integration to use?

I am trying now gvigroux integration and I can see sensors but not switches.
How van I ads switches to control washer/dryer?