Integration with Iseo Lock System

Hi everyone,
integration with the ISEO Company locks would be very useful. The locks communicate via Bluethooth and have an App (iOS and Android). I am happy owner of a smart lock from this company, model x1R SMART.
They have APIs and SDKs to make available but, despite asking for them, they replied that they provide this documentation and API only to “selected customers”. Maybe the community can give it a try.

Thank You!

Sei riuscito poi ? Io ho lo stesso problema.

Matteo… unfortunately, ISEO has few selected customers like us, in Italy few of them know x1R Smart (I have 3 of them and I’ve bought the first version too in the 2015) it’s great but a niche product.
Just use a relay to activate it as I’ve done since the beginning, don’t care about bluetooth management. Use the cable to get the contact to open and to know if the door is open. Relays are the way to open it, and input signal (binary sensor) to know if the door has been left open. Ciao Caro! :wink:

I’m interested in a smart lock for my external door.
Iseo looks great.
I read about using IO interface to Hass.
What kind of devices did you used?

I’ve also seen similar solutions with dierre. But more complicated. It needs and external device.


Hello Alex,
Thank You very much for the answer that gives me som hope!
ISEO has now released a Gateway but, apart from the fact that it costs a lot, they haven’t released any API or anything else so it wouldn’t serve my purpose.
Since it is based on Bluethooth technology, I had also thought of using the BT of the Raspbery Pi on which Home Assistant is running for the opening command. I ask you a big courtesy: could you help me understand how to do this thing (opening door via BT)?

Thanks again!

as said, I use the cables and a relay to open the door, then the input signal to get the door status (open/closed) no bluetooth, I’m not confident we will be able to do anything on HA on BLE side.

Hi Alexamore, I’m interested in your solution. Can you tell me the specific x1R Smart model and wiring diagram? thank you very much

ciao “Carminiello” :smile:
I write you in English… but I share with you the manual of Iseo and it’s quite simple as you can see there are 8 cables (page 24)
You will use the 2 cables for the relay in order to open the door and then there are other 2 cables to get the status of the door (open/closed)
Take care

Hello Alex,
I have the same smart lock and have read the documentation, but
I’m not an electrician.
I’ve integrated many shelly into home assistant in my house.
In the documentation it says that an external power supply (8-30Vdc) is required for the remote opening command, can you explain how to do it or is the shelly sufficient (short circuiting the PIN 4 and 8) ?