Integration with ista heat and water meters

Someone done an integration with the heat or water meters from German company ista?

Found this article and wonder, if someone tried this or other approaches to collect metered data?


I was wondering the same thing. Did you ever find a solution?

Unfortunately not.

Any news about that ?

nothing new about ista metters?

Not sure that this wireless technology is accessible through HA, but it may be possible through the Ista web portal.
However, I don’t have one so it’s hard to say …

there is a chance that weetmuts can support this in future release however specific hardware could be required. more information:

I used for a water meter that could not be read via other methods. After a bunch of tinkering, it was solid. It uses a $10 ESP-32 to take a picture and OCR the digits. A good method if indoor and near power.

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Screen is button activated though, adding wires to the button will be difficult as it has to be removed from the radiator which will trigger tamper alarm.

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Is Insta talking at 433 MHz range? I think it could be possible using a cheap RF dongle. See Así integramos los 433 Mhz en Home Assistant (spanish, but you can grab the idea)

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I am also looking for a solution to track meter readings of ista doprimo 3 ready heating meters. I think they are the same as the one mentioned in the question of this topic.

Seems to be encrypted sadly.

Any news on this topic?

I also have wireless connected meters from ista for water and heating. It would be great if I could capture and read the signals these devices are sending to the ista base station in the basement.

I’m highly interested in the same (Ista ultego III smart, Ista sensonic II and other wireless Ista water meters without a name). So far I had no success, unfortunately it seems they are not using the wmbus protocol. I tried wmbusmeters with amb8465 stick but didn’t receive any telegrams on c1, t1 and s1.

Currently my remaining hope is GitHub - Ludy87/ecotrend-ista: ecotrend-ista Home Assistant Integration, but it’s not enabled for our building yet. Also according to the website it only offers monthly updates, not sure if the data received by the API gets more frequent updates. And pretty sure it’s not free.