Integration with Levolor/ zwave blinds and hub

Is anyone aware of a way to control Levolor motorized blinds via home assistant? The blinds are z-wave controlled and come with a hub to use with their own app. I haven’t found any drivers for either controlling the blinds directly or integrating via the hub the provide.

I am interested in this also. I see the Wevolor, but I would like to have support with the new hub and 15 channel remote.

Hey all! I found a way to get Levolor to work in Home Assistant! Look for the integration “Motion Blinds”. Follow the setup guide. I had to enter the IP address of my Levolor InMotion USB RF hub & my API key. Read the directions on how to get the API key. Took a bit to add to Home Assistant but now its see all 3 of my blinds!


I’m also looking for a solution to this… I appreciate that you’ve found a solution utilizing the USB RF hub, @memphis2k but that’s $250 I’m not going to spend for this integration. I see that the remote is registered for the 433.925 MHz band, putting it in range of my Home Assistant’s software defined radio.

It seems like it’s just a matter of reverse engineering the communication protocol.