Integration with Orbit B-Hyve Irrigation System

As title says, that would be nice… I’m actually surprised it has not been asked before (I searched).

Reply if you are interested as well.


I would like this as well!!

Count me in too!

I did a little bit of research and unfortunately, could not find an API. It looks like it’s all proprietary stuff. The only options seem to be sniffing the wire and reverse engineer the calls or integrate with the Cloud interface which is at

I’d be interested in this too. Another way around it could be Homekit with the new component that brings homekit devices into HA. But other than the initial announcement I haven’t seen these devices getting homekit support just yet.

I dont think the Orbit BHyve system works with Homekit yet. A few months ago, I read that the system has “the MFi chip in it and will be Homekit compatible with a firmware update that is coming in the near future”. Could be one option but I would prefer direct integration…

Yeah. I mean, I don’t hold my breath for HomeKit. Hopefully someone will be able to reverse engineer it soon. I’d prefer direct integration too.

Please reply here if anyone is working on this integration.

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Just saw that they released support for Google Assistant. Would be awesome if they had an open API we could use though.

Yes, and they also have a skill for Amazon Alexa, which I have working…

I would like this as well. The smart feature Orbit provides does not work for me, it keeps forecasting rain when nobody else does, then it does not water. And yes I’ve entered my correct location, that does not help. I could have home assistant speak the commands to my echo dot but I down’t want to hear all those daily verbal commands.

I am all in…love the B-hyve…great sprinkler system…

Hell yes! Please! all talented and genius programmer out there. Make this happen. I promise i will buy you a beer or wine whatever you prefer. That’s the least thing I can offer to thank you. TIA!

Mine was doing that too @bturrie . I went into the settings of the controller and there is an option to change the Weather Adjustments. I changed the rain delay and rain delay depth settings to something i was comfortable with it cancelling on me. I personally run my own weather station so I set that up and am using that for my rain gauge, but if i were you i would pick something as close as possible to your house.


very interested as well! … hopefully someone will get to this before next summer! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I apparently had a older version that did not have that option. My controller died whaile still under warranty and they sent a replacement (nice) with the option you show. I foolwed your settings and all is well. Thanks again.

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Count me in as well, don’t want to wait 'til next year.


Yes please!

I’d like to see this as well.

I’d like to see this as well.