Integration with Plejd dimmers

Has anyone looked into integrating control of the dimmers from Plejd? I’m attracted by the fact that they have a good looking conventional looking dimmer control. See

Looking forward to see an integration aswell!
Heard that they going to release a gateway around Q4…


I want this so bad… Do we really need a gateway to integrate Plejd with HA?

Bumping this thread.

Is anybody thinking of integrating plejd sensors to homeassistant?

Im thinking of exchanging my Nexa LDR-230 to Plej 0-10v because of the poor building quality of the nexa sensor

Plejd is VERY NICE! Please integrate these!

I would so very much love Plejd intergration. Preferably without the tneed of a gateway but then i guess someone has to intercept and figure out how th bluetooth traffic works.

I have a friend that has about 52 plejd packs in his system, they work perfect. On the market in sweden there is no really great 220v dimmer integrations available… so plejd is the system to go. according to plejd them self they want to integrate with homeassistant. i wonder if somebody is working with this.

All my wall switches are Plejd (~25).

Now when the gateway is out, maybe it’ll be easier to make this happen. Let’s just hope that a developer finds this interesting enough to spend some time with. I’d be willing to sponsor some of the hardware for someone to take a peak at this.

Anyone heard about any news about Plejd integration to Homeassistant?

Nothing, I’ve been lookning some at the traffic in and out from the gateway, but some of the calls seems to be encrypted so it’ll be challenging to imitate the mobile app.

At this point I think that out best hope is that they get the IFTTT integration out as soon as possible since that is atleast one of the promised ones, then it should be fairly simple to create a two step integration to HA.

I am also very interested in plejd integration. I only have one dimmer so far but is waiting on hassio integration until i invest in more.

Same for me, I am very interested in this integration. I have contacted the customer support and here is their answer:

Our system do not support any third part systems at the moment.
We are planning to intergrate other smart systems, and Home-Assistant it probably the first in line. But we do not have any time perspective for when it will be implemented that we can go out with, yet.
With our gateway you will be able to remotely connect to the Plejd System, only.
We do not have an open API.

I hope they will hurry making it compatible with other automation system, it is what prevents me from buying more of their products.


I’ve made a simple component for interacting with the Plejd dimmars:

This is obviously not supported by Plejd, but works quite well. I’ve been running it for a couple of weeks with 0 issues.


Awsome! Much appreciated!

I got the crypto key and the id but getting some errors probably referring to this in the readme: “Make sure to have pygatt installed in your python environment and the gatttool and hcitool binaries available”.

Is this possible with Running latest on a rpi 3b+

I had very limited success with and switched to hassbian. The issue might be that gatttool and hcitool isn’t installed there, I don’t know enough about that setup to tell how to fix it.

It seems to me that the bluetooth_le tracker should have similar problems on, there seems to have existed a bluetooth addon to but I couldn’t find that.

Awsome work! Will try it out!

Wow! Many thanks! I will check it out as well! (I bought a gateway thinking it would solve the issue but… Actually, no, it did not)

Anyone got it working with

Wow, nice work! There is a high demand for this in the Plejd facebook groups. I have Plejd installed on a bunch of spotlights in my house and really want this. Running though, crossing my fingers somebody will figure out how to run it there.

Here’s a new user to HA and I have some Plejd controllers/dimmers installed and would very much like to se this working on