Integration with Smartalarm

Has anyone tried to connect HA with SmartAlarm (as far as i know a dutch alarm system)
The unit does support IFTTT, so that would be an option, but it would be better to have a straight connection (if possible at all)

I have the same alarm still🤔 lack of support and new functions but they have now google home integration.

I also would like to have this integrated in HA aswell.

I managed integrating it by using webhooks and Olisto, it is similar to IFTT, but (still?) free :wink:

Aaah yes did see that too, but is via a non-local way …
But thanks!

Do you have some sort of example i can look at?

I know it is not local, but better than nothing :thinking:
And it looks like Ollisto is that much used (yet), so it is normally quite fast in response :wink:

It uses webhooks…

HomeAssistant automation:

alias: SmartAlarm Motion detected
description: Uses Olisto
  - platform: webhook
    webhook_id: PIRLRoom
      - POST
      - PUT
    local_only: false
  - condition: state
      entity_id: group.myfamily
      state: not_home
    alias: Everybody away?
    enabled: true
  - service: notify.mobile_app_my
      title: SmartAlarm
      message: Motion Living room
mode: single

So that is sending info from smartalarm to ha.

But the opposite is also possible, f.e. arm/disarm:

- switch:
    name: smartalarm
    unique_id: smart_alarm
    command_on: curl -k --silent "^*%?!€>"
    command_off: curl -k --silent "*" 

thank, very nice! might set some up with Olisto!