Integration with Tdarr

Hello, I would like to be able to control Tdarr Workers using Home Assistant the main use-case for this is for Power Consumption / Power Saving. I have set up my Tdarr to run during the day (between 08:00 & 16:00), this is based on times when the sun will be out & I’m generating solar energy. However as we move into winter and the days get shorter (here in the UK) these daylight hours & amount of energy I am generating. Being able to turn Tdarr on or off based on solar production, battery storage, or times when electricity is cheaper would be extremely useful.

Extremelly useful for automating tdarr

Don’t know if it’s still useful but I have added a quick tdarr integration I made to HACS which does exactly what you want.

I use it to pause/unpause my nodes depending on any excess solar my house has :slight_smile:

You can add it by searching the default HACS store for “tdarr” or adding the below repo manually.

This is great!! I have installed it and it does exactly what I want!! The only comment I would make is the switch seems backwards to me. I would say that if the switch is off then tdarr is paused and if its on then tdarr is running. Other than that this is awesome!

Good to hear it works for you.

I did go back and forth about which way round to have the switch. But I decided to mimic how Tdarr shows paused/unpaused rather than have the switch be “off/on” for a node it is “Paused/Unpaused” like the UI. Although always welcome to suggestions and if enough people think it should be the other way I’ll change it.