Integration with yeelight performance

Hello everyone
I have a question regarding the performance of the home assistant controlling the yeelight bulb. BTW I have the latest build.
Sometimes when I don’t use the bulb for long periods like 1 hour, if I try to turn on the light via home assistant page, I need to toggle it about 3 times to the light turn on.
Have anyone faced the same?

nope. Other than when my wifi repeater was causing issues on my network, I haven’t had any issues with my yeelights at all even after many days of not being switched

My problem it’s that it’s not reliable at all, I press the toggle to switch on or Off, and just after pressing it a coule of times, it responds… Well with that said, and since my Wi-Fi router somtimes gives me problems(reboot resolves it), I will start investigating there…

since removing the wifi repeater from my network about 5 weeks ago I havent had any issues at all with my Yeelights going ‘unavailable’. They have been rock solid.

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will review my Wi-Fi network - thanks for your feedback.