Integration XIAOMI wireless switch with SMARTIR CLIMATE

Hi, i started to use conbee 2 and paired with the XIAOMI AQARA OAPPLE WIRELESS SWITCH. It works fine, the Home Assistent using ZHA get the button. I also use the SMARTIR CLIMATE to control my air conditioner thru broadlink.

The event from the click of the button returns like this to me:

"event_type": "zha_event",
"data": {
"device_ieee": "04:cf:8c:df:3c:79:3d:2b",
"unique_id": "04:cf:8c:df:3c:79:3d:2b:1:0x0012",
"endpoint_id": 1,
"cluster_id": 18,
"command": "1_single",
"args": {
"button": 1,
"press_type": "single",
"attr_id": 85,
"value": 1
"origin": "LOCAL",
"time_fired": "2020-07-07T02:26:54.522408+00:00",
"context": {
"id": "955d749367024e8c86140e3df594848a",
"parent_id": null,
"user_id": null

How can i make a automation to when this event happens, i turn the air conditioner on using SMARTIR Climate?

Thanks for the help