Integrations are reset on reboot

I used the guide HERE to set up HA on my freenas box inside a jail (the official documentation on how to do this does not work at all). The only issue I had was once everything was done appdaemon and homeassistant would not start (I ran the commands to stop, update, and restart them and they started and have been working since). I have HA storing it’s configuration outside the jail for upgrades/recovery in case something goes south, and as far as I can tell it is working correctly (I can see the config files, and when I edit them from the configurator the changes are made in the external directory).
The issue I am trying to tackle now is that any integrations I add using the Configuration > Integrations menu are reset upon reboot (changes I make in the YAML files stick). Does anyone know where it saves the integrations information? Am I doing something wrong or missing a step that would save the changes I have made? I tried some searches of the form but nothing quite matched what I am doing, and most blamed the SD card for people using a pi (this is running on server hardware on a RAID 6 array, so data corruption is not likely to be an issue)
This is what gets reset every reboot, notice I set up cast devices? Next reboot they will be gone.

I backed up my configurations and re-installed without linking the config folder externally and that fixed the issue. The HASS user had ownership and full permission to the mounted folder, but apparently it was struggling for some reason. I will just back up my config another way in that case. Sorry for the post!

integration stuff is stored in hidden files in your config directory. the location is .storage. Not sure the files they are stored in off the top of my head.