Integrations --> Cannot change options/settings

I’m running HASSIO core-2021.2.1 on RPI3b+.
I have several integrations: deConz, IKEA, Foscam, Twinkly etc…

I have Advanced Mode enabled.
However I noticed today that it’s not possible anymore to change settings of these integrations (e.g. password, ip adress). Am I missing something ? How can I change the settings of Integrations ?

Which version did you update from?
E.g. deconz you can’t change the IP without deleting and re-adding the integration and this has been changed months ago.

Hi Burningstone,

I updated from 2021.2.0. I think I should be more specific.
After updating to 2021.2.1 today, I saw that Foscam is moved to Integrations (got warning in my logging), so I removed Foscam camera from my configuration.yaml and rebooted.
Then I went to configuration - integrations - Foscam, and I noticed that it’s not possible to change the Foscam config. Same for Twinkly and others. I must say I didn’t noticed before because I never had to change the settings of these integrations.

The only way to change the settings is to change the ‘core.config_entries’ file.
Is there another way ?
It’s strange that I cannot change e.g. my Foscam camera’s username/password anymore in HA.

Don’t mess around there, unless you now what you are doing!

Yes it is, some time ago it was decided to move all device integrations from YAML to the UI, which is still in progress (no wonder with 1600+ integrations :)) and lots of them you can’t configure all the options after the initial setup, only delete and add it again, which is a pity.

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Help, it seems even more disastrous than I thought. Half of my automation is based on the Foscam cameras (think object recognition, face recognition and surveillance) and nothing works anymore now that the Foscam cameras have to be added via integration. I have properly removed my cameras from the yaml but adding them via the integration does not work. I keep getting the error message: “unexpected error”. So much for my projects. Has anyone found a solution for this? I run Hassio on a raspberry 4 + and I have the latest version of hassio core-2021.2.1
And can I add only one camera? I don’t see that you can specify a name either. Or can that be done later and can you specify a host multiple times with a port number? I have no idea now because I get “Unexpected error”.

Post a github issue.

Also, just spotted this Foscam integration does not work

Was afraid of it… But best solution for now :slight_smile:

NOTE: My Foscam FI9826P camera (I only have 1 Foscam) was automatically converted to the new UI integration successfully. No issues.