Integrations Merging (Solved)

So, I have a Philips WIZ bulb hooked up via the WIZ integration and I have my TV hooked up via Samsung Smart TV. I also tried the DLNA int. I’m running into this super weird issue, even if I completely delete the entities related to the devices. When they are re-added, Home Assistant is insisting that they are part of the same device and it is grouping them together as 1 device with multiple entities. Anyone have any idea what the heck is happening or how to fix this. I feel like when I delete it, it is still leaving a trace behind in one of the other files and I’m sure I just need to delete them from there.

In case anyone else has a similar issue, I fixed it by deleting home-assistant_v2.db after removing the integrations, restarted HA and readded the integrations. No issue now.