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This question is for the moderator - I think - but open to all at the same time. As I am still new to HA, how does one get notified when new integrations are developed / posted / issued / etc. for HA? I have been to the Integrations - Home Assistant page, but do not see any type of signup for notifications option.

Have the same question for, as I am learning, many integrations are being created, but not listed on the Integrations - Home Assistant page. How does one learn about these?

Thanks in advance for help this newbie.

The first Wednesday of (nearly) every month Home Assistant Releases a new version. This is when all the new integrations are released.

I would suggest asking for notifications for all posts on the Blog - Home Assistant Community. page here. That is all posts from HA and Nabu-Casa employees itself.

If you need help on how to do that, the first section in the cookbook can help you navigate.

The Home Assistant Cookbook - Index.

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Many thanks!

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