Integrations: Triple card for AirVisual with "Attention required" status

I had AirVisual manually configured for a year, and my API key just expired so I went ahead and renewed it, then updated it in my secret file.
As I went in the “Integrations” panel, I noticed that the AirVisual card was on error, with the message “Attention required”. Clicking on “Reconfigure” brings a dialog with a single text input and no help text, so it’s unclear what to type in there, but any submitted input will just display “Aborted” message.

Anyway, long story short I’ve removed my manual integration from my config file, and just re-created the integration with AirVisual from the UI, but now something weird is happening bug is happening, as the I now have 3 AirVisual cards, out of which 2 are in error.

See screenshot below:

Any idea how to fix this?

Resolved - turns out just removing the UI configured integration, restarting HA and re-adding seem to have solved the issue. My guess is the duplicated cards must just be a bug with integrations on error.

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Thank you for your feedback.
I’m encountering a similar issue.
How did you “…just removing the UI configured integration…”?
I can’t find a delete button on my “Reconfigure” card.

Any input would be appreciated.



One of the card for AirVisual in the integration list had the menu icon (the one on the right in the screenshot above, vertical “…”), from where the “Delete” option is available. This took care of removing that one card. Restarting HA did help removing the “Attention required” cards. Then re-adding the integration worked properly.

I am seeing a similar problem with ESPHome now. I recently added API keys to about ten or so ESPHome devices and got a lot of these… up to 20 for the same device! I used one card to set up/reconfigure the device (setting up the key and password…) but I don’t want to have to go through the process for 20 cards times about 10 devices just to clear out these cards. An “ignore” or “delete” option would be nice.

Fortunately restarting HA made them go away.

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