Intel NUC does not start installation of HASSOS

Dear all,

I have been running HASSIO on a RPI for a while, but after several corrupted SD drives I switched to an Intel NUC that a friend of mine has laying around. Fresh SSD in there and thought I would be good to go, following these instructions: Generic x86-64 - Home Assistant

Flashing the image to an USB drive is no problem. However, when I boot up the NUC for installation, it doesn’t start installing. I get the screen showing below and then nothing.

I’ve tried several flashes on different USB sticks, but I cannot seem to find out what is the problem.

You don’t flash HA OS on an USB stick to install it, you flash HA OS on your internal SSD direct.

Wow, it actually says on the page and I read over it about 10 times. I was so stuck in my previous install routine…

Now just need to find an easy way to flash directly to the SSD.


You can use a Linux live CD/USB to burn the image to the SSD.