Intel NUC + RaspBee


I new here and looking for the best way to start my project.
I have at the moment a Raspberry Pi 2B with a Raspbee HAT on top.

As i can read around the forum and the HA facebook site, Hassio and raspberry pi is something that can spread people :wink:

I remember a guy who suggested the following setup, using a Intel NUC with Hassio in docker + a raspberry pi with deconz and a Raspbee.

Is it possible to do it that way or does it just ad a bottleneck ind the system with a device more?
Or should i just get a Conbee II and plug it directly in to the NUC?

Personally I run a NUC with the original ConBee plugged in and use native ZHA not DeCONZ and I am very happy with it.

I also switched to a nuc today. How did you solve the problem with raspbee? Or did u go conbee2