Inteligent Temperatur Control

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Hi iam thinking about how to automate my heating but iam not sure how it will works the best.
My Setup:
I have two heaters equipped with to zigbee Thermostats ( Spirit Zigbee wireless heater thermostat (SPZB0001)) an external temperatur sensor (also Zigbee included through mqtt) and an controllable dyson fan to disperse the air into the room since the location of the heaters is quite stupid.
Other Constrains:
In addition i would to create a day based pattern e.g, weekday from 6am to 4 pm 16 °C from 4pm to 9 pm 22 °C…
Since i live in a area with cold night but warm days it would be nice to check to day max temperature and don’t heat if this is more than x °C warmer than my set temperature.

I found in the forum a lot of suggestion but i didn’t really get them or they where to basic and doesn’t work for my :frowning:
I would be grateful for suggestion.
Iam free to do this with the HA automation or Note Red…

Thank you for your time and help in advance.

There are many ways to schedule the temperatures, unfortunately HA does not have a nice native way. There was a discussion about that recently:

Have a look at

I personally use schedy, but it is rather complicated to set up and configure.
Once it runs it does its thing perfectly in the background.

Thank you for your suggestions schedy and Scheduler Cards looks good for the timing stuff :slight_smile: the rest i will have to build via a automation skript i guess