Intent_script and data from rhasspy

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Hi all,

I’m using rhasspy to handle voice control with homeassistant. Where I’m struggling is:
I want to build an intent_script that starts music on a certain media_player.

Through rhasspy slots/sentences configuration I can see that rhasspy reliably puts correct entity_id from slots in the output json under entiteis → value.

But how can I access this value in the intent script ?
Can I “watch” intent events in ha to debug more ?

Hope you all can help me.

      text: Wiedergabe auf {{ entity }} gestartet
      - service: notify.notify
          message: Entity {{ }} Name {{ text }}
      - service: media_player.media_play
          entity_id: {{ WHATDOINEEDTOPUTHERE }}

JSON Rhasspy

    "intent": {
        "name": "StartPlayer",
        "confidence": 1
    "entities": [
            "entity": "name",
            "value": "media_player.wohnzimmer",
            "value_details": {
                "kind": "Unknown",
                "value": "media_player.wohnzimmer"
            "raw_value": "sonos media_player.wohnzimmer",
            "start": 18,
            "end": 41,
            "raw_start": 18,
            "raw_end": 47
    "slots": {
        "name": "media_player.wohnzimmer"
    "text": "starte wiedergabe media_player.wohnzimmer",
    "raw_text": "starte wiedergabe sonos media_player.wohnzimmer",
    "tokens": [
    "raw_tokens": [
    "wakeword_id": "jarvis_raspberry-pi",
    "siteId": "default",
    "sessionId": "default-jarvis_raspberry-pi-a61148da-8b17-40fc-a2aa-357533f33559",
    "customData": "jarvis_raspberry-pi",
    "wakewordId": "jarvis_raspberry-pi",
    "lang": null

mediaplayer slots:

sonos: media_player.wohnzimmer
mopi: media_player.mopi_local


players = $hass/entities,media_player
entities = $mediaplayers
play [(wiedergabe | auf )] (<entities>){name}
starte [(wiedergabe | auf )] (<entities>){name}

Hi @srsbaca

Did you find out how to do that ? Same point as you with Rhasspy :wink:



I am still trying to work this out myself for more complex intents :frowning:

It appears that only 2 pieces of data are being passed from Rhasspy to Home Assistant … The Intent name “StartPlayer”, and a variable named “name” with the value of “media_player.wohnzimmer”.

Your intent_script corrently has the name “StartPlayer:”, and I believe “WHATDOINEEDTOPUTHERE” should be “name” (being the name of the variable you want to use in the script) … giving

     - service: media_player.media_play
          entity_id: {{ name }}

I don’t see where the entity, or text variables come from, and they could be causing the problems if HA doesn’t recognise them.