Interact with Lovelace displayed on a Google Cast?


I was thinking to use a Google Cast device to display Lovelace interface on a display but how do I interact with Lovelace in such configuration ?

Thanks for explanations :wink:


What display are you thinking of using? A Google Nest Hub, or a standard TV with a Chromecast attached?
If Nest Hub, it will work natively. If TV without a touch screen, I’m afraid you can’t interact with it

Will be a standard monitor :wink: I have seen that Chromecast now has a remote supplied with it ! Can it be used to interact with Lovelace ?


I’ve got no idea but my initial thoughs would be:

  • No since you can’t (really) navigate a lovelace card with the arrows on your keyboard
  • Maybe if the Chromecast shows a cursor on screen (my TV shows a cursor when using the built-in browser. Even if it is possible, it will be not really be user friendly.

@lolouk44 Sorry for late answer but I had to test on site and I confirm you that Chromecast is for sure not a viable solution to display Lovelace dashboard ! All the more it crashes straight if you have some livefeeds from cameras in your Lovelace layout :frowning:

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