Interactive Graph Card for lovelace?

Is there any (custom/HACS-installable) card that allows selecting a sensorand a timeframe interactively and is able to graph it on-demand?
I’m using both history graph and also mini-graph extensively. I’m looking for an additional generic card that would allow me to visualize data on-demand and interactively.

There is no such card that I know of.

I guess you could extend this to include a list of sensors to select as well as the hours to show:

Thanks - very smart idea. Still hopeful we will get a card meant to allow us to explore our data

I wouldn’t hold your breath.

We have more than a few options to explore data already. e.g. Influx/Grafana, JupyterLab. It’s just that they work as addons to home assistant though you can display the data in it. Here’s some links to get you started:

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Jupyter lab is for analytics, not really for dashboarding, although that is possible with tools like voila and panel.
Alternatively you could use Bokeh as described here

Thanks for all the pointers. I ended up setting up Grafana, integrated directly with MySQL (which my HASS installation was already using) and I am amazed by the power and flexibility of this tool. Definitely met my needs.

I only keep 7 days of data and run mysql in my asus/merlin router and I this simple setup works really really fast.

Grafana is very simple - I decided to set it up in my linux HTPC server which is “on” only on-demand (but is a much more powerful machine than the RPi I use for HASS), as grafana dashboards are only going to be for very occassional use.

What took most of my effort was figuring out the SQL queries to use in Grafana. I documented the ones I use here in case it saves time to somebody else

I’ve never installed/used grafana before (but I had heard a lot about it) and my SQL expertise is close to zero, this effort took a few hours. If you are wondering: totally worth it.

Troubleshooting a memory leak issue was my driver for this little project