Interface by UI or CLI for installing wifi propitary driver or linux compatible

As most user with a mini PC or NUC or generic x86 arc have a problem with WiFi and or Bluetooth card I would like to suggest if it’s possible to have a feature for manual install proprietary driver for network card.
I’ve noticed that a lot of user with the mini PC or NUC have a problem for recognize or correctly work with their WiFi integrated card, the reason why is that Linux kernel don’t have all the right driver, or it’s better to say that his own drive are not fully compatible with some version of WiFi card in particular with the RTL Broadcom product (that for each model there are a lot of variant). In a normal OS linux there is the possibility to install a proprietary driver to solve this problem and load a package downloaded directly by product site.

So, it could be possible to have a menu inside the network system menu (under settings section) of HA where you can install and uni stall a proprietary driver for the network card?
I think that could resolve a lot of issue and reduce the work of developer
Thank you

My suggestion would be to list exactly what driver you are missing and what type of install / what x86 driver is missing.
If you watch the change log there are additional drivers added all the time.
Access to the backend for HAOS is limited for a good reason.

a list of driver is quite difficult, the meaning is that if you decide to buy a new mini PC where to install the HA for your reason (you need more ram or disk or you need double LAN for CCTV or simply your actual is broken) you don’t know witch type of card you have. It’s better to say that you know the type but not the version so probably Linux don’t have the driver. I repeat that in each Linux distribution there is this type of feature in order to cover this problematic. A list of driver could be infinite. My request is done in order to have a solution for all or for a large number of user. Thanks
Please vote not for me but for all user (and for developer for reducing the issue)

Well that’s the user’s dumb buying choice.

Broadcom, write to them.

And anyway, don’t do wifi.

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