Interface similar to the new Control4 or Savant

I already read all of the criticism on the other control4 post, but I really like the control4 adaption of the UI. I was wondering if anyone could create an app similar to it to control HA, and maybe even include a remote control interface for Android TVs, Apple TVs, and Roku TVs. When you press Lighting, for example, it will pop up with a room selection screen. Sorry, If I put this in the wrong place!

This can be done with Lovelace. No need for an app.

I’ve tried with lovelace and I think an app will just be way better, similar to this

And that can be done with Lovelace also.

This was the best I could do in lovelaceCapture|282x500

Check out the custom button card. Also Jim’s “Homekit” inspired interface for inspiration:

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I’m not a web designer or coder be any means, but I really like the simplistic design of the Savant smart home app. I’m looking to do something similar for my Lovelace display. If anyone would have any suggestions on how to do this I’m willing to learn.

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