Interface similar to the new Control4 or Savant

I already read all of the criticism on the other control4 post, but I really like the control4 adaption of the UI. I was wondering if anyone could create an app similar to it to control HA, and maybe even include a remote control interface for Android TVs, Apple TVs, and Roku TVs. When you press Lighting, for example, it will pop up with a room selection screen. Sorry, If I put this in the wrong place!

This can be done with Lovelace. No need for an app.

I’ve tried with lovelace and I think an app will just be way better, similar to this

And that can be done with Lovelace also.

This was the best I could do in lovelaceCapture|282x500

Check out the custom button card. Also Jim’s “Homekit” inspired interface for inspiration: