Interface won't load after 0.106.5 update

So my system has been quite stable for a while and I have not updated until last evening.
Now that I performed the update I can no longer access the dashboard at http://:8123
I am not certain what broke and am looking for some troubleshooting tips.

  • System is an Intel® Atom™ CPU E3815 @ 1.46GHz
  • I am running in a python Venv
  • I can access SSH
  • I have turned on
  default: debug
  • my logs look like startup is completed and I am receiving mqtt messages from some of my devices.

Things to check?

Are you running Hassio (Home Assistant Core) in a Docker container?

There have been some issues and resolved here

I saw that and I couldn’t locate the offending directory. I am running Home assistant in a Python Virtual Environment.

I rolled back to 0.106.0 and I have the same issues, no web interface. How can i get things back on track? No obvious errors in my log file. So not sure where the issue is.

What supervisor version are you running? I had same issues with 208. Had to upgrade to 209 through ssh and problem solved that way