Intergration only updating when restarting

So i’ve been running the Intergas incomfort (thermostat) intergration for more than 1 year without issues.

link to intergration: Intergas InComfort/Intouch Lan2RF gateway - Home Assistant

Suddenly (i think after 2023.11) it stopped updatign the sensors (like current temperature and set temperature). At the same time the intergration is still able to control the thermostat via Home Assistant.
In addition when I go to the ip of my thermostat all sensors are available as usual (so it is clearly not a connection problem).

When restarting home assistant the sensors are updated 1 time, only to get stuck again untill the next restart. Reloading only the YAML does not update the sensors.

I feel like i have looked at everything i could think off. And could really use some suggestions on how to further troubleshoot this issue.

Or at this point i would even be happy with a workaround. Is it possible to force the intergration to update via an automation?

If you don’t get an answer here, I suggest you check if there are any issues in HA core that helps with the problem. If not add one.
2023.11 I believe is the version that changed some directory structure and this sounds to me like that could be related.
Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub.