Interior cameras and sensors compatible with HA


I have a security camera in my house for some years now, it’s one of those 30$ cameras but that works really well in fact. Is from vstarcam. It does not have many features and I think it’s not compatible with HA.

But now I want to buy more cameras and in fact, some sensors and I need some advice.

What I need:

  • 3 or 4 indoor cameras
  • 1 outdoor camera with battery (i will not have a plug in that place)
  • temperature sensors
  • water sensors

I want this hardware to be compatible with HA and it doesn’t need to be super fancy, in fact my idea is spending like 40$ on each indoor camera, more on the outside one, of course.

About the temperature and water sensors, I was thinking about Xiaomi Mi one’s but, again, I’m not really sure if they’re compatible with HA.

Any advices on what should I go for? Brands, models, or any general advice.

Thank you!