Intermatic PE653RC Pool Controller and HA

Just shared a link in your DM.

@shoeboo , @philh30 , A few months ago I paired the PE653 receiver with my Home Assistant Z-Wave JS. Everything came through and worked EXCEPT the temperature sensor didn’t show up. Without temperature I couldn’t use HA. Luckily it was too much trouble to pair the PE653 receiver back with the PE953 controller - the Z-Wave connection to HA was lost. Reading both your recent posts, there’s a way to get the temperature sensor into Z-Wave! And, it is correct that the after pairing HA Z-Wave to the PE653 receiver that it’s possible to include the PE953 controller into the HA Z-wave network? If this is possible, please share how you do this. Also, I’m on firmware v3.4 - would you send me the 3.7 upgrade file and instructions? I’d really like to see if I can get this all integrated. Thanks.

These instructions might not be perfect, but this is the general routine I’ve used to add mine:

  1. 953 choose Reset Device (clears the 653)
  2. 653 push Include button (wipes programming, Include light starts blinking)
  3. 953 choose Reset Controller, choose ‘reset net & config’
  4. Start inclusion in zwavejsui
  5. 653 push Include button (653 should pair with zwavejsui)
  6. 953 choose Controller Copy
  7. 953 choose Receive Net Only
  8. 953 should report ‘Successful’ (953 should pair with zwavejsui) and may lock up
  9. If 953 locked up, remove and replace battery
  10. 953 choose Include device
  11. 653 push Include button
  12. 953 should report ‘successful’ (953 should be associated with 653)

I’m also on 3.4. My biggest gripe with 3.4 is that it has to be polled. I’m not sure if 3.7 fixes that or anything else. If you haven’t dealt with firmware updates for these before, be warned that the official route requires Windows XP.

Yes, even at v3.9 you still have to poll. When the device relays (the 5 on the PE653) change values, they do send that info over z-wave, but the info has a wrong header to the z-wave does not pick it up. Someone could write a custom driver I supposed to watch for those odd packets, but for now everyone just polls the system as needed.

I just updated my spare system to 3.7 and yes, I had to do it in a VM under 32 bit windows xp. Brings back great memories doing that! I still remember upgrading from win3.1 to win95, but the upgrade to XP was one of the few happy experiences with Microsoft.