Intermittent Frontend "connection lost"

Hi HA community,
I’m running HA for quite some time now (a year maybe?) and tried a lot of stuff. Learned a lot.
Recently, I am witnessing a strange behavior.

All of a sudden, my frontend displays the message “Connecting lost…reconnecting”. After some seconds everything is back up running.
Logs dont show any evidence of a HA crash or something which might explain this message.
My HA is running on a PI 4. Power level is stable. Connected via Ethernet. IP static.
During the “not available frontend” i still can access the pi via SSH and a docker ps doesn’t show any crashed containers.

Any ideas?

thanks in advance,

found the issue. It was the IP which was incorrectly setup in a static lease.
The System is reachable via - Unfortunately i had a static DHCP lease configured with Lease was adjusted, error went away :slight_smile: