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Intermittently Hass.io stop renewing his DHCP IP

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I’m trying to find for months, why since I upgrade my HASSOS version last year, it starts hanging intermittently between hours up to 2 weeks. I’m running my HASS.IO under Virtualbox 5.2.26.

So far my investigation lead that I’m losing my IP address on my HASSIO. It is configured to do a DHCP and my router is configured with a reserved DHCP IP address for my server which work fine for a while until it just stops request a new IP after the lease.

On my router running OpenWRT I have log that demonstrates all DHCP requests and on the HASSIO VM I have access to the console that shows my interface “enp0s3” with no IP. If I stop and start the interface, it will renew it IP until the service just stop doing it.

Is there any log or service I can turn on to debug more this issue?
Any help will be welcome, thanks!