Internal_url vs external_url VS google assistant vs Cameras on HUB ... local or cloud?

Hi, i am trying to understand the logic, i have some cameras and they are buffering i lot if i watch them on my google hubs, while they are not in lovelace…

So recently they invented internal and external url, so HA tries first internal, if not possible it trys external…

so how does that work when we are using google assistant (nabu casa edition)
if you want to watch a camera, is our camera feed first uploading to google cloud, and they it needs to be downloaded again on the hub itself? is that maybe why my video is constantly buffering?

i dont use my own domain, i have no ports opened in my firewall, so if i define internal_url like : https://someip:8123 , then i can’t watch my cameras at all, it never starts
so does that mean it tries to access the cameras locally, but it fails since that IP address is not accesible though cloud?
if i define the internal url the same as the external url, in my case the nabucasa hook, then i works, but i have the buffer…

i hope you onderstand my quesion :slight_smile:

maybe if it could really work with my internal local url, i need to setup some reverse lookup or nginx or something like that ?

I’m having the same issue.
Google assistant is using the HTTP internal URL and not the NabuCasa external URL.