International Space Station (ISS) Binary Sensor Seems to be Giving Wrong Overhead Times

The ISS integration for a binary_sensor next_rise does not come close to matching the Spot the Station predictions.

  • off
  • number_of_people_in_space: 7
  • next_rise: 2021-03-18T18:56:58 (Spot the Station has Thu Mar 18, 8:35 PM)
  • long: 56.7996 lat: 8.3171
  • friendly_name: ISS device_class: visible

The Spot the Station predictions are accurate for my location. The next_rise times are never accurate for my location.

Home Assistant seems to know my location as it plots on the map correctly.

Like many I want an automation to alert me to when the station is visible overhead. My automation works based on the sensor changing from Off to On, but with the times.