Internet connectivity issues with Homepod Mini via Homekit integration

Hello all,

a month ago I’ve got Homepod Mini. I setup Homekit integration on my running on my RPi3.
Then I added new “bridge” (using homekit integration) to homepod mini so all of my lights/switches and any other devices became available on Homepod Mini through this bridge/integration.

However since that time I have issue with internet connectivity interruptions related to all devices in the network (both wired and wireless). It happens several times per day, usually after few hours since I powered on Homepod Mini. All the devices are then able to communicate between each other, however internet connection will drop for all of them (for several minutes). It’s not acceptable for me as it’s dropping me out from the calls at work etc etc.

First I thought there’s issue in my router or Homepod Mini. Router was replaced (Sagemcom) and it didn’t help. Homepod was connected to different network (in my father’s flat) and there were no interruptions.

Today I removed Homekit Integration from HA (so I break connection between smart devices and homepod mini) and it helped - I have no more internet connectivity interruptions.

Has someone else the same issue? Maybe it causes just one smart device which is connected through this bridge to Homepod Mini?

I have Ikea bulbs, switches, Shelly switches, Conbee USB stick, some chinese Arilux WIFI LED strip dimmers using Magic Home app, Xiaomi Mi switches, Lidl LED strip, LED strips connected to WLED, Hyperion, Samsung TV, Shield in my configuration.
I am also using virtual lights using “template” integration, FLUX integration (for chinese led strip).

Everything works correctly until I connected bridge (homekit integration of HA) to Homepod Mini.

I am using ngynx proxy integration to be able to use https connection via “let’s encrypt + no ip ddns” in case I am out of home and http connection via local IP when I am at home.

Thank you in advance for your help!