Internet Coverage issue

Hi All,

I am new to the community and I have an issue with WIFI coverage.

I have a router in my farm and I have made my own DIY esp32 devices.

Unfortunately, One of my devices goes offline and it would not go online until I restart the esp32 by button on the device.

When the device comes online, the network shows 38% signal or -92 dBm.

Can I add an additional router or switch near the this esp32 to improve the network? How?

Any better advice to improve network coverage?

I have to make sure the network is stable. I can’t lose the network (go offline) as it will cause financial damages.

Thank you :slight_smile:

What does your setup look like? Is this a standalone farm with the router hooked directly into ISP equipment? Is this a detached barn with ethernet ran from the house? A lot of variable.

This is a point of the answer being in the question. Add a wireless access point closer to the device or one with a better radio.

I have a radio internet connection.

All the esp32s and raspberry pi are connected via WIFI to a router.

All the devices ( raspberry pi, esp32s and router) are outside the house. Inside a plastic box.

I don’t know if I put a access point switch near the esp32, this will work or not.

As I put a new access point, the SSID and password would be different. Would not be a problem ? can raspberry pi fetch the data?

I thought that all the devices should be in one network with same SSID and password to work. Am I right?

I added a range extender to my router. I put it halfway between my router and my outbuildings. It uses the same SSID. It will depend on the brand of your router if it will support one ssid.

Technically, the SSID and the password are immaterial, but they need to be on the same IP network. Just adding a “range extender” halfway between the router and devices would probably fix your issue and would reuse the existing wireless settings so you wouldn’t have to worry about the configuration.

They should not be different, but the same.
The channel should be different though and if you have no automatic controller for the WiFi channels, then they should be locked too, so one AP has channel 1,6 or 11 and the other has one of the other ones.
You can then added a third AP on the last channel if need be without having to resort to controller for WiFi channels.