Internet of Things Bill of Rights - any opinions?


I’ve been recently trying to work on the emphasizing the privacy first approach which is in the slogan of home-assistant on the front page, in particular with Add “AntiFeatures” categories to component listings, Use data from TOSDR to complete component documentation and Display and filter by ha_iot_class on components search page. By the way, I think Replace Google Analytics by Matomo or other privacy friendly software is also important in that matter.

Studying this question and trying to push it forward is proving to be harder that I thought. But I still think home-assistant has a huge potential to be an important actor in the privacy conscious approach of home automation and the internet of things.

While documenting myself about these things I came across the Internet of Things Bill of Rights which has been initiated for discussion by Adafruit which is probably well known by some home-assistant users.

Any thoughts on this bill of rights ? Even tough it doesn’t seem to be a very active project, could Home Assistant get behind such an approach ? Do you known of any similar initiatives ?

Up ? Any chance to get some comments on this ?

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