Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) Configuration question

I reinstalled my Epson WiFi printer driver this morning, and later while adding an ESPHome integration, I see that Home Assistant had discovered an IPP printer. I OK the integration and I see the integration named “EPSON5BE287 (Artisan 1430) via VNC from RIVER-2 @ Marvin”.

Hmmm. EPSON5BE287 is my printer’s network name, Artisan 1430 is the printer model. VNC? Well, yes, my main PC, RIVER-2 is running VNC Server, but Marvin is my Raspberry Pi running the Mosquitto broker software. No VNC.

I looked at the docs for the HA IPP Integration to see how I might use this tool. And, there is nothing there. No example configuration. No YAML code. Nothing.

In Developers Tools/States there are no new sensors, so how do I see my printer status? Is there a component I need to put into my configuration.yaml file?

There’s no YAML / example config in the docs because this integration can only be configured via the UI.

On the IPP card in the Integrations page there should be links to the entities it creates, check if you have anything shown there. Sometimes integrations create entities that are disabled by default (I don’t remember if that’s the case with this one).

For my printer (an Epson Workforce 3620) it has sensors for black/cyan/magenta/yellow ink, so the most useful automation would be notifying about low ink levels. And there’s another sensor for the printer state, so you could do things like notify when a printing job is finished for example.

Thanks for the quick reply.
So, since my integration has no entities, why then did it discover the IPP integration? Since I have no IPP compatible printer, I should just delete the integration?