Introduce Long Time Support Releases

Sometimes, HA should be stable, and updates not needed. Or, developers may leave some component, and user can’t update. But it will be nice to receive security updates. HA is open to Internet, so it can have security issues. LTS will fix this problem.

I agree that getting HA to the state where LTS versions are possible would be great, and I hope it is on the roadmap.
Given the distributed format in which it is developed, I don’t know exactly how that would work though…

There is new point for this topic: very often HA requires newer versions of dependencies than in LTS (Long Time Support) operating systems, so it is not always possible to update HA, but I would like to see vulnerabilities fixed in older versions of HA

Home Assistant is updated very frequently which is great !
But for my use case, I don’t need/want to update every week to keep up with the latest features.
So I’m updating every 2 to 4 of months at the end of the month because it is more stable then.

It would be very interesting and beneficial to have a LTS branch of Home Assistant which is updated with security patches, bug fixes when available but new features only when well consolidated (every 6 months for example).

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Then vote for it up left in your thread :wink:

That’s totally fine, skipping one or two (monthly) updates is typically no big deal (when no security vulnerabilities were fixed obviously) - only thing is that the list for breaking changes (to read!) get’s longer before the update - but that’s essentially it. :page_facing_up:

That we actually see LTS releases somewhere soon isn’t expected (imho) as HA still develops so fast and this in almost every aspect. For long-term releases there should be at least a common ground regarding the code base so it would need some king of freeze for some particular code which I just see don’t happen soon. :man_shrugging:

Still you are good continuing rolling your updates ever 2 to 4 month without any particular downside. :arrows_counterclockwise:

In the end I also think people actually prefer “bleeding edge” in the smart home area just because getting so many improvements every month out rules some “extra stable” LTS branch specially because HA is actually very stable for the fast majority of users even with monthly updates :white_check_mark:

I’m sure that’ll come at some future point, when HA will have stabilized.

There are similar if not identical threads. We don’t need another.

I have already created such topic Introduce Long Time Support Releases

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I would appreciate that but is think the title / naming is not correct.
If i under stand your idea correct you want a stable update channel beside the fast update channel.
For my understanding LTS is a version which is still supportet bei the developer even there is a newer major release.

LTS is supported much longer (years) than a stable release with a certain version number. (now this is no more than a month). Also, there are already betas in HA core and you can use beta versions now.

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