Introducing Home Assistant CLI aka. hass-cli

Just wanted to say thanks for making hass-cli. It has solved a problem for me in renaming a pile of Z-Wave entity_ids that get automatically created with ugly names. See What is the preferred way to rename z-wave entities? for my BASH 1-liner to save me endless clicking and typing, one entity at a time…


Would someone please be kind enough to help me get started with Home Assistant CLI on Windows 10? I already have Python installed. It doesn’t look like the instructions were meant for Windows 10.
All I want to do is turn OFF (or ON) my appliance using a python script. …So I can just execute to turn on my toaster, for example. Looking forward to some assistance.

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Hello, I am dead with trials. I want to run a service by hass-cli, but can not find proper format of the command. Lets say I have a tuya scene defined “both_yellow” that sets two lamps to yellow color. in Home-Assistant, I see the entity as scene.both_yellow. How do I run that scene from hass-cli please? Thank you very much, Jan

Solved it. The command line is

hass-cli service call --arguments entity_id=scene.both_yellow scene.turn_on

Just wanted to thank you @janbenes. Could not figure out how to do this and now I got my office light scenes to work via CLI! This was only place I found the answer :slight_smile:

For those people using this tool, it appears return UTC time for history queries, is that right?

I got one question that should be simple… How do I change my keyboard settings? I got a keyboard with a Belgian layout.