Introducing Home Assistant Cloud




@tggman try


I think i noticed an issue with home assistant and exposing lights to google assistant
I use a yeelight light smart led light bulb and sometimes it’s available and sometimes it is not available to home assistant (eg. it doesn’t have power going to it).

I have the light exposed to google assistant in my configuration.
I have tried request sync when the light is available, however it doesn’t seem to want to go into the google assistant smart control.


You might want to consider posting your google assistant config here.

FWIW, Google has native support for the Yeelights so I EXclude them from the Home Assistant component integration - then even if there is a problem with HA, I can still control them with Google. I can also control them with HA and my scenes all work with the Yeelights as well even from Google. Best of all possibilities. I have other lights (LimitlessLED) not supported natively and they work 100% through HA to Google.


Yea maybe i should do that

I’ll share my config

My other lights working ok. (Xiaomi gateway light and sonoff basic).


Im searching it for one hour by now, following various links i found myself to be in circle of few websites. I dont want to join discord chat channel as suggested by some “try this” link. I read about Community Support package everywhere but havent seen it yet.


It doesn’t exist yet - the cloud service is still currently free.


I’m in the same boat @t.srubar . I’ve spent way too much time looking for a way to contribute. At this point I’m going to assume there is no mechanism in place and wait for some sort of automated nudge from the cloud service itself.

It may be worth mentioning here that my intent is to support the Home Assistant Project. For me the cloud (bridge) is more of a curiosity and a nice perk for becoming a supporter. But it’s certainly not why I planned to donate.


See my response three hours before your post :wink:


I saw your post before I wrote my reply. To me it wasn’t applicable


Anyone know what is planned to happen 1st of September?
Just noticed it is only weeks away from the expiry…


Actually i thought i couldnt connect to cloud because i didnt pay, well obviously not, but Unknown error doesnt tell much while debuging :smiley:


So there is nothing in your log?



+1 on using HA Cloud for remote mobile access if plausible - DuckDNS/dnsmasq proving to be immensely painful in my setup/with my limited skills!


+1 on using HA Cloud for remote mobile access. Using LTE as home internet makes it impossible to access my HA instance remotely.


With a PAID subscription an APP for Apple/Android to should be offered. The app should have no ADs and should be free (hence, paid subscription already :wink: )


Should it? Please submit your code.


Same boat!


Anyone that’s been unable to access HA remotely due to carrier restrictions should try this… 6

I installed it over the weekend and it’s working great for me with AT&T LTE.