Introducing Home Assistant Cloud


I think this applies here as well;


Just discivered today that my subscription to the Home Assistant Cloud expired (without warning). Tried to sign-in again, after an attempt to connect, status turned to “Disconnected”. Has anyone faced the same situation? How is it possible to subscribe again. Documentation is very poor for that matter.

Assistance urgently needed.

Cloud Update

My HA notified me that my subscription expired also. I also seen another post that said they were able to use PayPal for the payment. I checked my account and could login but i cannot find a way to use PayPal.


Have you setup a subscription with either paypal or credit card


Same problem here, cant remember when I setup


I did setup a subscription with credit card. Just checked now and HA is showing “Active user. You will be charged on November 16, 2018, 6:00 PM.” but showing Disconnected and I don’t see an option to connect.


i’m having the same problem , can not find a renew option anywhere !!


Try setting>>configuration>> home assistant cloud>>Nabu Casa account>>manage account.

Takes you to Nabu Casa and account setup or account management if you log in (my guess)

I don’t really use cloud so I haven’t bothered with this but maybe what you all need.

Who is a “Nabu Casa”?
Be nice to know more about long term plan of HA and where UBNT fits in(especially once subscription/money gets involved).
With this recent cloud change it occurred to me that it may get hard for me to stick with HA if random becomes norm. No complaint still since this is effectivly free product. This is more request as I still get impression that HA may carry some cost in future and at that point communication and service expectation will be customer requirements/expectation


All this was in a previous post including what they had planned to do with nabu casa



Don’t I feel like an arse!! :smile:
Read this and completely forgot.


Nope! Would like to know where we can find such information. There’s nothing which can lead us to a page where we would be invited to register such credit card or Paypal account


Once again:


Thank you for the link! Could sign in and subscribe! Maybe our good developer friends should mention on the Home Assistant Cloud page how to subscribe if they want to get better support from the community.


Already there

clicking on the link at the bottom



Just subsribed today! Once connected, steh system tells me that my subscription expires on 20 October 2018: that is 3 days. Is this a kind of joke? Supposed to be 1 month (5USD per month)!


In which version of HA (Have got problem upgrading, am still in 0.75.2)


i am using .80


I have another device running 0.80 and I do not see anything on the Configuration page. Is there something I am missing?


after the config page, if i click on home assistant cloud its on that page