Introducing Home Assistant Cloud


Basically you connect to the cloud service, your HA instance connects to the cloud service, and your traffic gets ‘passed through’ after a bit of manipulating. … So no-one talks ‘to your HA instance’, but your HA-instance talks to the cloud service. … I hope that is as clear as mud. <>


Hi, how to enable the Remote connection? Im on beta and I can’t find the option :frowning: thank u


Not sure if I should post here or start a new posting.

I have some advanced IOS notifications that send snap shots from my cameras to my Iphone when a event happens. Since going to beta and linked my HA to Home Assistant Cloud those notifications do not send the image from the cameras and I get a notification in HA saying there was a bad login from the IP of HA.

I assume there is something missing just cannot find it.

Anyone else having this same issue?


I remember for notify to work, that you need to validate your domain? So I think you still need to open a port


Does the remote connection just cover the user interface or the API endpoints as well? I’d been considering subscribing to HA Cloud when remote connection is enabled to avoid needing to forward ports, but I’d like to be able to configure custom Alexa intents which also needs the API endpoints to be available externally.


We will see torrmow when it gets released :wink:
Then you can do a trial and test out


Yes that will work too


Should the advanced IOS notifications work without opening any ports?