Intruder detection in house at night? pet friendly

I use door sensors to protect the house at night. I have a cat and if any inside door is shut the cat will constantly scratch at the door.

I want a way to arm rooms on the inside of the house but the cat can walk around them. I don’t want false alarms from the cat as it will dimish the trust that if the alarm goes off it is genuine.

My house is 3 bedroom smallish house.

I was thinking I only have 2 options

  1. Laser tripwires at chest height.
  2. Some kinda matt with pressure sensor although don’t think wife would approve of matt on the ground.

I also was thinking of putting red light in ceiling or wall at edge of safe points when house is armed connected to a PIR to remind kids and wife not to walk past that point without disarming the alarm.

Has anyone else with pets setup of sensors inside their house. I know you can get pet sensor PIRs but I feel they won’t be entirely accurate.

I have standard Philips Hue motion detectors and allow a certain number of alerts before HA sends me a text. The dog usually settles down quite quickly. Additionally, you could require x alerts from different rooms. A “silent alarm” is only useful if you’re out, of course - not much good if you’re asleep - but motion sensors are unobtrusive and unlikely to worry your wife. They can also be used to control lights etc.

Love the idea of laser tripwires, though.

I have Xiaomi motion sensors everywhere inside and out, which use for lighting and when everyones out away arming I don’t get any false alarms and would perfect is didn’t have a cat.

However not being able to use PIR at night and being small 3x1 house if someone gets in the house whilst everyone is punching zzzz’s there is not much distance between the living area of house and bedrooms, I need as much lead time as possible rather than waking up to someone standing over me.

The only sensor I can think of with accuracy and low error rate when pets involved would be laser beam/s :cowboy_hat_face:

Does the cat have a collar? Might be able to rig up something unobtrusive with the new HA tags - the readers seem to be associated with rooms:

Movement detected
Is the cat in the room?
If yes - ignore it…

Arrrgh! I see deliveries are taking two months!

No first time I heard about HA tags. I like the sound of knowing where my cat is. Cats love hiding and when we leave the house we always trying think is he out or in to know if we can set the alarm in away mode.

We have got it wrong a few times and had to turn the car around because the house alarm went off and had to investigate.

ps where did you read about the HA tags?

They’re mentioned in the HA blog here. Not sure whether the ones available are NFC or RFID - NFC only has a range of about 4cm so that wouldn’t work, but RFID might.

Maybe a camera with person detection ? In a small closed environment those tend to work pretty reliably.

Or a 10kW laser tripwire, but the resulting mess could be an issue with WAF :yum:

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