Invalid config --- configuration file was working yesterday!

My home assistant updated to HassOS 1.7, and my MQTT and August lock configuration does not work.

For example for MQTT; In my configuration.yaml at the end I have…



broker: [ip address]

port: 1883

…the error message on the home screen says…
“The following components and platforms could not be set up:
Please check your config.”

This was working for the last two weeks, and now I have an issue. Does anyone know the issue or have a solution for this problem??

You need to follow the instructions at the top of the page and show a formatted code block of the configuration.

How is anyone supposed to be able to help you with what you have posted? We are not mindreaders…

Hi David, I updated my post. Do you know what the issue may be with my configuration.yaml? It was working perfectly fine and now I am having issues.

It’s lost all the formatting as it’s just all flat. You need to show the info from config formatted and also the exact error in the log…

Thanks for your feedback. This issue was solved in another thread…

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